Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Welcome to The MEC!

So, have you noticed the rebranding?

When I first started the Mos Espa Collection, it was a simple hobby page for posting photos of my Star Wars figures as I got back into the collecting game. Whilst my interests have splintered over the years it was always my love of Star Wars that formed both the spine of this site and my collecting habits; at least up until the last year, anyway. Since then I've found myself moving away from Star Wars as a toy line. It was a good run, but - you gotta follow the river.
And so with the blog as with my collecting habits, I've determined to regroup, refocus, and pursue the robotic drift of my interests – and start reflecting a toy shelf that has been taking on an increasingly Cybertronian slant. I did consider starting a new site, but I'm proud of the history of this blog and I don't want to take a singular approach to collecting when my interests flex as much as they do. Let's just consider this the first major evolution for the site, and go from there...

I’m no expert on Transformers, but that’s kind of the point - and I'm looking forward to discovering a lot more about the Robots in Disguise as I chart a course through the toys, cartoons, comics and games from the last 30 years, in the many varied iterations. It's fair to say that I've missed out on a lot.

Don't let the URL confuse you. Welcome to The MEC!


  1. I look forward to seeing the new direction your blog is taking! My collecting taste has also shifted in the last year and I have found myself more drawn to Transformers and robots then just monsters.

    1. Thanks, Midnight! It's not just Transformers for me either, I've been enjoying watching Gundam Wing again recently and have the Guyver lined up for when I finish that. We have to be drawn to this stuff or it's no fun, right?

    2. Its true! I constantly have to try to remind myself to only post 1 Gundam figure a week because Im temped to post nothing but Gundam till I have posted pics of them all.

    3. Ha, and I am envious! The Gundam figures I've seen and handled (I have a friend who's a fan) are really nice pieces of kit; if I didn't have so much other stuff taking my immediate interest I'd be all over them. One Gundam a week is a good ratio :D


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