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Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Little Things

Flee, mighty Pteranodon!
It's been an insanely hectic month just passed, with film edits, festivals, and a three-part celebration of my lovely lady's birthday all wrapped up in glorious summer sunshine. As you may have noticed though, that's left me with little time for blogging - and there's never any time like the present to turn things around...

King of the Thunder Lizards!
And so, back on track. These little Dino guys were unsold from a car boot sale the Emcat and her Mum were doing a couple of weeks ago, and I was kindly obliged to take care of them afterwards. I've wanted some dinosaurs for a little while; firstly because dinosaurs are perpetually stunning feats of nature, and secondly because I wanted to take some actual toy photos again. There's a real charm about toys like this, and the small scale makes them easier to photograph in multiple environments - well, the scale and a shallow depth of field, that is!

Head Shot! Gears of War's Anthony Carmine
Small scale figures are clearly on my mind right now (clearing the palette for the Black Series, perhaps?), and my latest purchase was this Gears of War blind bag figure. Costing £1.50 from Tesco and made by Meccano it's a surprisingly well-made toy, featuring 12 POA and a massive gun accessory. Gears of War is one of the few 'big' games of recent years I've played, completing one and being halfway through two as I type, so when I saw this line reduced to clear I thought I'd give it a go. It is really impressive for the size and price, and there's an easily-affordable six figures to the first series, so if you're into GoW and/or blind bags, I thoroughly recommend picking them up.

Invader on the Loose: Alien Conquest Lego & the Future of Space...
And so, full circle. All this thinking of mini-figures and blind bags put me in mind of the toy that started it all, Lego. Actually, that's somewhat a lie - I was thinking of Lego roughly concurrently, after finding out about the new Space line due later this year. You may recall, I'm quite a fan of the extra-terrestrial line...

Galaxy WAR!
Galaxy Squad looks like a lot of fun, and like a natural continuation from the recent Alien Conquest line. Insect-themed alien villains are a natural fit for playtime bad guys, and there was something about seeing the new spaceship designs and mini-fig uniforms that made me more think the Space sub-series was in better health than it has been recently.

It's not enough to get me back into Lego any more than the blind bags did (picking up the occasional pack here and there), but if it's looking good I might get the odd small budget ship. Both of the above pictures are from, and are used without permission. Hope that's OK...

It's good to be back in the saddle. I've got a load of reviews to write and will hopefully soon find the time to write them. But I'm not promising anything! :D

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

LoEB: Spacemen

OK! This is my first time partaking in a League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment, and I'm looking forward to getting involved. This week's theme is Spacemen, and that made me immediately think of only one thing:
You would have thought that the majority of my space-faring childhood toy adventures would be Star Wars, but I was too young to properly enjoy the vintage line. Lego Space, on the other hand - I was exactly on time for that!

My Lego collection started off as hand-me-downs from my brother and sister, but grew exponentially every birthday and Christmas. When I was much younger Castle was my favourite theme, but by the start of the 90's I was getting into Space in a big way. The image above is from an ideas book catalogue, one of two my brother owned which kickstarted my love of the space sets. Look how richly detailed that station is! 

Intergalactic Engineers
Lego Space really came of age for me with M-Tron, however. The unified look of the line was great, and the magnets provided a fun play feature. The vehicles felt very rugged and real-world, with chunky tyres and actual storage space, and the catalogue displays that showcased them... Wow. I'm pretty sure this is where my diorama love came from.

Neon Nineties
M-Tron ran its course, and I was sad to see it absent from the upcoming Lego catalogue ('93/'94, can't recall which). However, this was pretty quickly dispelled by the new arrivals... Ice Planet 2002!

With the chainsaws, the new visors, the fluorescent orange parts, and minifigures with new facial designs, Ice Planet quickly took over as a favourite. Furthermore, it marked a point where several of my friends were also collecting Lego, and we would often take models into school for play - so Luke, Ben and Tom, this one's for you!

End of the Line
Exploriens and Spyrius were the last of the Lego Space lines I followed at all, as I was starting to get too old for toys by that point (hah!). Still, whilst I didn't really get into the line, Spyrius had some very cool features - I'm pretty sure it was the first Lego line to feature giant robot mechs at all, and the spy android with the clear helmet was a very cool minifigure. On that note, this line also provided my favourite-ever Lego minifig, which continued to pilot my favourite MOC spaceship long after I stopped playing with the stuff:

The Spyrius Astronaut!

So, that's Spacemen for me. Here's what some fellow Leaguers blogged on the subject:

Rich at Fortune and Glory (Days) picked another subject very close to my heart, E.T., and showcases some cool memorabilia.

Hobgoblin at Monster Cafe spotlights MPC Spacemen!

And Michael at Memories of Toymorrow sings the praises of Kiss' own 'Space Ace' Ace Frehley!

That's it for my first League of Extraordinary Bloggers contribution. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stop! Motion Time.

Back in the early days of the blog, before I decided I was going back to University to study film-making, I entertained myself by making stop-motion videos. This Lego mini-fig looks the spit of Fernando Alonso from a few seasons ago, and I was also able to create Bernie Ecclestone (man, if only I could un-create him...). I was originally going to lay an audio of an Alonso interview over the top, but got bored halfway through. This is the result...

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