Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hello, I need a URL to post my pictures from for a message board, and doing it here is far easier than setting up a whole 'nother new account. Anyway, more Dagobah box pics!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

X Marks the Garden

Considering I proudly boast of having X-Men shots on this blog, I figured it was about time I actually got one on here... Weapon X's finest. Why I didn't pick up a Maverick (a childhood fave) when Wolverine Origins toys were peg warming over here, I'll never know...

In the Palace

When I started this blog it was going to chronicle my attempts to build a Jabba's Palace diorama (that staple of collecting), before it segued into attempts at photography. Even though my focus has shifted somewhat, it's nice when the two sync together every now and again...

The Dagobah Connection

For whatever reason, Dagobah has gripped my mind over the last year, and it was a great day recently when I acquired all four of the OTC Dagobah set; with a POTJ Vader (and maybe the TRU exclusive X-Wing!) I'll be all there.

I don't know why it took me so long to pick up this set! Great sculpts and unique features (the stands, the interchangable limbs) make these the definitive figures for Jedi training. I made a shoebox-style diorama for the set, it's not brilliant but not bad for a first attempt, and it certainly helps for close ups like this.

Imperial Prisons Redux

As fun as building your own sets can be, sometimes it's nice to let the pros do it for you. From what I've seen of the Hasbro playsets, the Detention Block from POTF2 seems far and away the best, and it's certainly fit for purpose above.

Back in the Saddle

I've let this blog slide whilst regularly updating my Flickr (available here), but checking the stats today I realised me and my toy shots are still getting views, so I figured (pun not intended) I'd do a mass update of the best of the best. Also, Sebastian Vettel hasn't retired from a GP since I last posted, so if there's any chance such trivial things have an impact, here's hoping for a Vettel-free points finish in Monza tomorrow :D

I'm going to upload some pics in no particular order from the last few months. If you stop by let me know what you think!

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