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Monday, 2 December 2013

On the Raid

The Man with the Hat and the Whip
I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first time I'd really watched it as an examination of style, rather than for the pure spectacle, and there's so much movement in Spielberg's directing that doesn't seem to exist in blockbuster films now. I know a lot of pretentious film students who mock 'the Spielberg style', but there is absolutely no denying that he can make an enthralling, entertaining action film, amongst his many other strengths. All that said though, I think we could do without an Indy five. It's clear that somewhere between Lucas and Spielberg, KOTCS went pretty wrong...

This is the first shot I've posted up here of an Indiana Jones figure that hasn't been knocked around and had his accessories broken. The pleasure of complete toys!

Friday, 18 October 2013

The Purge: Part Three of the Exciting Trilogy!

OK! It's the final post on this weeks batch of figures for sale. As of typing this everything but the Action Fleet Landspeeder has a bid on it, so barring a mass buyer pull out these figures are already as good as gone. Without any further ado then, let's give these guys a decent appropriate send off!

No Good Words.
You know the thing about this Yoda toy, from the Vintage Collection? It's a very good action figure, a good likeness of the Prequel character it's based on, and aside from the pea-green hair, fairly flawless. The problem though, is that it's based on Prequel Yoda. The lightsaber wielding, fight happy, non-sensical little CG-goon that killed ESB's mystery and went on to whore himself out to Vodafone. He really is nothing like the wise little Jedi Master so many of us were enthralled with for nearly two decades. Anyway, something struck me when watching ROTS the other day - AOTC is awful, obviously, and Yoda's Sonic the Hedgehog impression goes some way to furthering that impression. Now, imagine if we never saw Yoda as anything more than the vulnerable muppet he truly is through Episodes I and II, actually living by the mantra that 'wars not make one great' - how much more of an impact would the Order 66 Kashyyyk scene in ROTS have had then?

That right there is the meaning of restraint, George.

Bad Dad.
On the subject of ROTS, here's Anakin Skywalker from the 2005 toy line. He comes with a blue lightsaber wielding right hand, an interchangeable open right hand, and Count Dooku's red lightsaber for some left-handed decapitating action. He also has the 'squeeze my legs and I slash' action feature as practised by incontinents and Obi-Wan Kenobi toys everywhere. It's a decent likeness that has served me well enough for the last few years, but the new Saga Legends Anakin has now rendered this completely obsolete.

Redeemed Dad!
Speaking of obsolete, here's the Vintage Collection Darth Vader that's also up for grabs, and currently subject of a fierce bidding war. I have 2007's Anniversary Collection Vader, with a one-piece removable helmet that can actually stay on, and also without that ridiculous silver chain around this guy's neck. Sith bling. He can also hold his lightsaber in his (correct) right hand. Whilst the two part helmet of the VC figure looks neat, it's absolutely rubbish even as a display piece because it falls off so frequently and doesn't even fit together properly when it's on. How people can swoon over this and have an unbridled hatred for the recent Mission Series Vader, I have no idea. Well, actually I do. It's called idiocy.

Keeping up with all of them.
I'm selling this group of Indiana Jones figures as one lot, because I now have one quality Raiders-style Indy and a playset section to display him on, and don't really feel the need for anything else to display my fondness for Dr. Jones. I was considering keeping at least one of the KOTCS Indys, but decided against it for reasons I will outline below...


You know a 3.75" figure that I've always wanted?

Rick O'Connell from the Mummy films. Sure, the sequels sucked fairly massively, but for one exciting film we had a genuine 90's take on the Indiana Jones archetype, and it was awesome. Maybe the fact that I'm willing to give the Scorpion King a pass as a decent film betrays my status as a fan, but whatever. That's why we write these blogs, isn't it?

Anyway, I'd planned to use one of the jacketless Indianas from the lot above, along with parts from the Prince Dastan I highlighted on Wednesday to build an O'Connell figure, but I just kept the figures in a box for months without doing anything with them. I've repainted a figure before, but never properly customised one, and I realised when I saw these figures sitting in their box that I never really had any intention to. I struggle to build dioramas, something I profess to enjoy, and the fact that I wouldn't know where to start with a custom is about all I need to put me off.

I guess the short of it is that if a company ever made a 3.75" (or 6", I'm not fussy) Mummy line, with Rick being joined by Evy, Beni, and John Hana, then I'd give them my money. But do it myself?


Thanks for enduring my ramblings reading!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

LoEB: Hake’s Shopping Spree (Redux)

Now, this is a League challenge to get the blogging muscles moving. After a few weeks off I'd planned to take up this week's assignment anyway, but what a great one to return to!

Starts at 99p!
Go on a fictional shopping spree at Hake’s current auction #209 to make your collection a little more amazing.

Oh, and I should mention...

One blog entry will be selected to receive $100 credit to spend at Hake’s!

Welcome back, Extraordinary Bloggers!

I'm going to set a limit of five items, just to make it challenging. Otherwise, y'know - I'd end up getting it all... I'd originally thought about setting a price limit as well, but that was too much. This is supposed to be fun!

OK, first up, the question says 'amazing' - to me that says 'Spider-Man'!

Lot 1
There's not actually a Spidey ring in there, but it's close enough, right?! Besides, it's really not like I'd actually open this if I were fortunate enough to win it. I know, I've proclaimed many times before that toys are meant to be played with, but damn man - this is genuine vintage! TVC need not apply...

Next up, it's a real blast from the past:

Lot 2
Ring Raiders was a brief fad from my childhood that I've never seen mentioned anywhere else, to the point I was questioning its existence. My friend Luke had the pilot (hah!) episode on video, and we collected these toys manically. As I recall there were good guys, who had a large sea-based air carrier, and they flew planes against bad guys. The (toy) planes sat on translucent struts that attached to rings, meaning they could be 'flown' on your hand in a kind of Top Gun/Micro Machines mash up. This provided hours of fun, at least until the next big thing came along; although I'm lacking the time frame to estimate what that would have been...

For more vintage goodness, what if adventure had a name?

Lot 3
That's right, it does! People go nuts over vintage Star Wars cards, but to me this is a far nicer product, and I've never even seen one first hand. I think the vintage Indy figures look great, so charming and fun looking. As a kid I used my POTF2 Han in Carbonite as a substitute, but it was never the same, and the recent Hasbro line? Well, there were highs and lows, let's put it that way.

Fancy seeing the back of the card? OK!

Lot 3

I've documented my love of comics in an older League post, but my heart lies with newspaper strips. Specifically with Calvin and Hobbes, but it was Garfield that taught me to read and my affinity with the medium lives on. Subsequently, this is a must buy:

Original 1971 Peanuts Artwork
Lot 4
Schulz was a true great of cartooning, maybe even the greatest - his work redefined the comic strip landscape, and his humour was, believe it or not, considered quite cutting in the 50s. Without Peanuts we wouldn't have Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Mother Goose and Grimm or countless other great strips, or at least have them as we know them. What better way to celebrate such a great talent than to own some original work? Sad as it is to say, it's one thing there won't be any more of.

Last but not least, it's a peculiar item that highlights the kind of behind-the-scenes work I love seeing.

Batman: The Animated Series Promotional Style Guide

Lot 5
The unique animation of Batman: TAS won it a lot of fans, myself included, and was successful enough to warrant a comic book spin-off (kinda like a boomerang) and a Superman series in the same vein. Working on an animated show is my ultimate career aim, and although I'm more on the writing side of production I really enjoy seeing the work that goes into the development of a series like this. That it's Batman is a bonus, but even just seeing a little bit of how it's done makes me feel a step closer to doing it myself.

And how about a glimpse of madness?

Lot 5
The Sinister Six come close, but ultimately this is the best rogues gallery in pop-culture, bar none!

Those are my selections from the auction, but there's so much stuff in there I could easily have missed something. I surprised myself by not picking anything Star Wars related, but when there's items from across the spectrum of pop culture to chose from, why stick with what you know?

Here's what other Leaguers would like to take home...

Random Nerdness has some nice items, including a sketchbook by comic legend John Romita Sr. Do we call him Sr? Or is he just John Romita and JRJR is just Jr? Can we get a confirmation on that?

AEIOU and Sometimes Why hit up another five items and provided a public service to boot...

Shezcrafti makes a mean collage (and we'd get in a bidding war over the Dr. Jones figure).

Branded in the 80s wins my intangible favourite post of the week award, with heart, discipline and Chicken Walkers.

Finally, G.I. Jigsaw is new to the League and signs on with some vintage figure goodness and Wyatt Earp. Good stuff!

That's it from me for this assignment. As ever, thanks for reading!

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Somehow or another, I've stuck with this blog long enough to hit 100 posts! 70 of those have been from this year alone (which astonishes me to think about); I guess I finally found my groove with it. The truth is I would've given it all up if it weren't for the rapid escalation in hits that started around last December, and has been gradually increasing since. All I can say is thank you for visiting, and that I hope you enjoy my little bursts of creativity!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Indiana Jones and the Garden of Certain Death!

I've been having some Indiana Jones fun in the garden. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty certain that when you've got a back garden with even the least conspicuous of features, an Indy is the ideal figure to have at your disposal, any time...

Hasn't been much Star Wars here recently, has there? I've got a few ideas in mind for shots though, and I'm watching one of my Original 12 targets on eBay, so I expect to get back to a galaxy far, far away before too long. Anyway, thanks for indulging me!

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Temple of Doom was on the BBC tonight, and reminded me to post a pic of my newest acquisition - Dr. Henry Jones Jr. himself! An eBay bargain, I think this figure was from the first line that hit, with the terrible paint apps. Anyway, within 10 minutes of posing the figure I'd snapped both the belt and the bag, which disappointed me greatly (and led to the masking tape fix pictured above). However, it is the spur to obtain some other parts and customise my own 'Ultimate' Indy. Any donations of a Wolverine: Origins Logan figure would be gratefully received... :D

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