Chow Down!

The MEC isn’t just about robots… but that does pretty much cover it.

I’m getting back into The Transformers after several years out, and I’ve missed a lot in the intervening time. The MEC (which originally started with a different remit as the Mos Espa Collection) exists as a way for me to chart my rediscovery of the franchise in its many varied forms – the comics, the games, the cartoons, the films and the toys – with the aim of building a kind of introductory resource to explain the differences between an Optimus Prime and a Convoy, and hopefully help to untangle the mass of different continuities that exist for anyone else in a similar position. I may occasionally dabble in other interests as well (I just so happen to be wearing a Gundam Wing t-shirt at the moment) but like I said… it’s pretty much just about robots.

I hope you enjoy the site and dig what I’m trying to do here. Don’t forget to comment and follow!


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