Sunday 12 January 2014

Nightwatch Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime takes down Ravage
As a nice surprise my girlfriend bought home this Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime today. The articulation's much better than I would've thought for such a small figure, and the transformation is quite clever for the scale as well. That said, in truck mode he only really looks good front on; but that doesn't massively matter, because in robot mode he looks ace.

This is the first time I've actually owned an Optimus Prime figure since I had the Powermaster as a kid (Orion Pax doesn't count). It felt good adding him as a Flickr tag!


  1. Looks like there's quite a few paint apps on that little fella. He's a neat little figure.

    1. I was pretty impressed with the paint work, even though he does have yellow eyes for whatever reason! I always thought the Cyberverse line was fairly cheap looking, but as a budget alternative or something for kids it's not that bad at all.


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